Wedding : Tiffany & Alex

*This wedding I was once again second shooting for the fabulous Shyla. ( who ps is nominated for Blu girl of the year pretty please vote for her!)*

Tiffany and Alex met when they were camp counselors one summer. It wasn't long before the attraction was evident for all to notice. As Tiffany's maid of honor said in her speech "we knew Alex was special from the moment we met him, but we knew he was for keeps when he would sit through 27 pictures to get one 'good' one."

Tiffany's love for pictures extended into her choice of photographers. She knew she had to have the best and thats why she searched until she found the perfect one. She took her choice to her dad telling him that pictures were going to last and she just had to have Shyla. Little did she know that her Dad had actually been Shyla's mentor in college. Small small world we live in.



This is during the 27 pictures speech...

After the dinner and dancing had started we stole the couple away to a made-in-heaven field that was caked with golden light... yum. {I truly do have a love affair with dusk... }



And you think I'm kidding...

But I'm not. Tomorrow is July 11 and on this day 7-11 (the store) gives away free slurpees all day long. No, I'm not even kidding.

Two years ago after discovering this phenomena Ry and I hit up as many 7-11's as we could find.... this year I'm thinking of going all ninja with wigs and outfit changes in the car. We need some type of disguise that will get us more then the one drink per person. Hey, some slurpees don't last all the way to the next store. ;) You can call me crazy. I call it one of the best days of the year.

See~ some of the best things in life are free. ;)


E session I Ariana & Dany

Ariana and Dany knew each other in high school but it wasn't until years later when they started to notice the little things about each other that were special...

She watches his every move with adoration. Doe eyed and enthralled. And Dany, well he's definitely smitten. Randomly throughout the day he grabs her hand and kisses it as a simple reminder to Ariana how lucky he feels to belong to her. They are a gorgeous couple full of life and laughter. A pleasure to be around and completly, utterly, head over heels for each other...






*Note: This is one of the engagement sessions that Shyla gets all the credit for. She's shooting their wedding in september but she let me tag along for fun. Make sure you check out her blog for all the hotness...*

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July! One of my favorite-st days in the year. I hope with all my heart that everyone of you be able to enjoy the simple things that makes the 4th of July so amazing.. bbqs and pool partys, fireworks and friends. I for one have to work tonight ( booo) but I had a festive breakfast with Joel and Emily of waffles, blueberry's, strawberrys and whip cream. All in the name of being patriotic. ;)

Thank you to all the soldiers who make independence day a reality. And to their family's who miss them.

And last, but not least, Happy birthday to my dearest friend. I love you Sarah Gentry.



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