I am a romantic. Pure and simple.
I need to be allowed to dream.
I need to feel that escape is at my fingertips. We could move tomorrow if we dared.
That excitement lingers.
All notions are within reach. If you only try…
Nothing is impossible.
I need to really and truly believe that people can change.
I need to believe with my whole being that love is vital. Like breathing.
I am a romantic. And a dreamer.
I don’t always believe that we’ll really go to Paris this spring, or retire in Maine.
And when I say I want a sailboat for the summer I mean it with every fiber in my
But I don’t mean now. I mean someday.
Dreaming keeps me believing in something more then the traffic.
We will have a willow tree . Someday.
Believing keeps me content in the now and makes me hope for better.
We will travel the world side by side. Soon.
Hoping keeps me sane.
I will write a book.
We will have a cottage on the lake.
We will raise brilliant beautiful babies.
We will be in love until the day we die.

I’m a dreamer and a romantic. Don’t try to tame me.
Let me be.


Going to the chapel...

If any day to feel old, today is the day. Just last year we were screaming at each other and having marker wars. Just last week she was giving me the dreaded "chicken head"and mocking me while I tried to babysit. Just yesterday I was eight and eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of my very own sister. Soon I will be meeting her to go dress shopping. Not just any dress shopping. THE dress shopping. Yes, my beautiful , blue eyed, adventures, amazing little sister Autumn is engaged. And, in typical Autumn fashion, it was a whirlwind of a relationship~ the type that takes your breath away and leaves you tired. So whirlwind in fact that I haven't even met him yet. As I said, typical Autumn. Crazy. Fun. Spontaneous. ( Though the proposal was approved by dad last weekend and was indeed talked about and planned.) We always said she would be one to meet "him", fall head over heals, and be married before we blinked. My parents adore him, my younger brothers and sisters rave and... well, i have yet to meet him... but if he turns out to be half as good to her and wonderful as they say, I know I will love him to. Welcome to our family Todd. I am sooooo extremely excited for you guys! xoxo


~ Stole the picture from her myspace~


So hot right now...

My Sarah and her Lilli left yesterday evening and I must admit, a week wasn't long enough. Sarah and I just get each other in the way only dear friends can. And although I did love sleeping in this morning, my house is way too quite today. In a perfect world, Sarah and I would live near each other like we had planned. We would be together while our husbands worked, raising our kids side by side. And reeses pieces would have no calories. Sigh. Why do the ones we love the most have to live the farthest from us?

On a happier note, I managed to dress my amazingly beautiful mom-friend up this week and do a photo shoot of her and lilli... who as I mentioned before, is literally, the prettiest baby I have ever seen. We call her pretty pretty princess... and when she's old enough... she will wear a tutu everyday...


I mean, seriously, look at these lips...isn't she breathtaking?



Makeup by Rebekah White. Styling by your truly. More pictures will be added tomorrow so check back soon...

and.... I'm off to eat tacos.

New pictures added: enjoy!









My bestest, Sarah, and her little girl Lilli are in town for a week visiting and making my days full of sunshine. This is one of my favorite weeks ever and it has just begun. Sarah was my roommate for 4 years and (excluding my husband, of course,) is my best buddy and hearts twin. Lilli is literally, the prettiest and cutest little girl I have ever seen. And, seriously, I'm not prejudice. At all. Lilli's only 9 months old and already she's learned to whistle. We're thinking she may just be eligible for the Guinness book of world records as the youngest whistler ever. And if not, then definitely for the cutest baby ever.



A yellow ribbon symbolizes devotion. Loyalty. They are powerful symbols of ties that bind. Longing for loved ones who are far way to return home to us safely.

So today, I hung a ribbon for you brother.


I love you. More then you know. And, I'm so looking forward to July when I can throw my arms around you and not lose sleep at night anymore. xo


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