We'd been wanting to see the Quiz side of the family for a few months and finally got a few days off last week. So we hopped a plane to WY for some good food and family time. ( and in case anyone missed it my husband has 12 kids in his family. 6 of who still live at home.)

I'm so far behind blogging and trying to catch up, thus,

THE Highlights:

Bags lost there
Bags lost on the way back
Yellowstone park
- chased a moose through a swamp with Steven and Ry trying to get a good picture.. Note the trying.
- Bought a 10 lb bag of hot tamales' for the trip. And jellybellys. And sour patch kids and hoho's and chips ahoy cookies and cream soda and chips... and yea. No judgment. First of all, I didn't do the buying. Second, we took carrots too. And third, when your in a car for 12 hours searching for wildlife, what else are you going to do? We seriously had so much junk food that all 10 of us ate the entire time and we still had loads of candy and cookies left over... ummm, yea.
- saw a mom bear and her 2 cubs. ( and I won the slap bet! woot!)
- saw bubbling paint? It was pretty cool. Very land before time-ish.
- had old faithful spray us when it shot up. yes, I have tasted a national landmark. ;)
- Got reallllly close to a buffalo. ( Did I mention you're supposed to stay 45 feet away? We're rebels us Quiz's. )
- And last but not least played the story game. You know, where one person starts, and then the next person adds a sentence. Well, I was feeling all wilderness- y and envisioned a hunting story so I start.
"I always wanted to buy a gun"
Ryan "and so I did."
April "and I shot my sister." (what the-? )
Josh "and that's why I'm in a maximum security prison." (getting darker by the second)
Mom Quiz " I'm not supposed to squirt my sister with a water-gun and so thats why I'm grounded to my bedroom thats like a prison. "
We all died laughing. Leave it to a mom to change the story to being happy and G rated. Unfortunately, Stevie was next and the sister died again...

The time was short, but sweet.

And these are a few pictures from our first evening there. I went outside to try and catch the sunset and take a few photo's of Rebekah's tree and ended up rolling around laughing in the dewy grass with Anna, April and Ruth. And for just a second.. I was little again...







Random, I know, but I had to share...

I 2nd shot a wedding today and it was so hot in palm desert that I burned  through my shirt. {And we were outside for all of 15 minutes} 

Is that even possible? 

As Shyla said last week, hells {most definitely} cooler.   

Side note: I will be posting lots of pictures in the very near future!~ 

Happy Saturday! 



So I'm going to brag now... My buddy shyla is in town from Boston and I get to tag along with her all weekend long , because miraculously I have today and tomorrow off .

I'm super excited to be able to just sit and watch her with clients. Although I've worked with her before it's been over a year and back then I was more concerned on getting my manual settings right during the wedding then actually sitting back and just learning from her. So, I'm stoked to be able to watch someone hot rock not just one, but 3 sessions .

Yesterday we had the most gorgeous couple for engagement pictures. And oh the pictures and the Shyla light! Amazing. you have to check out her blog in the next few weeks for images from the shoot. HOT. I'll post some pictures in the next week or so once she has hers up.. but for now.. I leave you with these pictures of us..

and keep in mind that it was 1 in the morning at a grand celebration/reception party that started wayyyyy earlier... after 2 apple martini's {which is 2 too many } ;)




Too hot to think

So. incredibly.  hot.  

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago I was saying that I wanted it to be hot enough for shorts? Well, now its hot enough to fry a egg outside. {hmm.. I should test this theory}  And I wish it were cooler. Fall perhaps. Maybe even snowing a bit.   

 I finally convinced Ry to let me turn the air on yesterday. If anytime to turn on the air 103 is a good time. So now its hotter outside then inside by about ten degrees. Our little wall unit is trying his hardest and I really and truly appreciate all his hard work, but seriously, I would do almost anything for a good dip in a pool or some central air about now. Good thing: our freezer is full of ice cream. Bad thing: its rapidly disappearing. {And I'm the only one home. }  

Yes, I went there.

So today in San dimas its is 103 outside. 103. Hot enough to fry a egg on the sidewalk. At least thats what the people say. And I've always pondered it as a kid. "could you really fry a egg?" so, today, bored as I am I decided to try it.... its a myth... 


The Newlyweds I June 7, 2008

He spent fifteen hours making her a scrapbook for her birthday. Pictures of their past adorned the pages~ the outreach they did in Mexico. The road trip to Washington state. The murder mystery dinner theater. Their first kiss. He made sure to make a page dedicated to her birthday too, symbolized the present. And in the very back was a envelope all folded up. When Kim opened it she saw a picture of a ring, and "future?" scrawled next to it. Appropriately, Tom had bought her a three diamond ring. And the rest they say, is history...

I got to document one of the most important days of their present last Saturday. It was a beautiful wedding and I'm so lucky to have been apart of it. Thank you Tom and Kim for allowing me such a honor.


I just adore this picture! Something about it just makes me smile..






Ryan all the credit for the walking out picture~ super hot.








Teaser Teaser.

Its like a movie preview.. just a glimpse and your hooked.


more to come very, very soon. promise. But right now, it's girls night and I'm off to be finalllllly "carried away" and eat lots and lots of buttery popcorn. Yey!


I had just got done running with the dogs. My mind was clear and I felt refreshed. I was ready to work. On the way in I decided to check my mail. Bills, bills, and yea....

T-mobile was one of them. My usual bill is somewhere around a 100 dollars with my faves and unlimited texting. Well imagine my surprise when this bill was 237 dollars. And 54 cents. What the?

So I call T-mobile bound and determined to be tough ( I was a CSR for dish network in college so sometimes i melt under the pressure and stop being mean because I know what its like to be on the other end of the call) anyways.... so the plan was to be tough and threaten to cancel my service if they don't explain to me why my bill is so high and don't offer to help me...

and Joe answered. And he was getting married in October and has a fifteen month old. Him and his finance are getting married at a ski lodge in the mountains. And he does photography in his spare time. He was really nice...

and I lost my meanness and ended up joking around with him ..

and I still have a bill of 237. and 54 cents.



My kind of healthy:

I bought the m & m's for the good of my health. Seriously, I did.

In previous weeks I've tried to develop a healthy alternatives to candy while editing pictures since I've been known to eat through an entire (BIG) box of hot tamels in a nano second. {and goodness knows hot tamels do nothing to help my waist line} I tried fruit but it proved to be too messy. Carrots worked well for about a day and then I was tired of them. I recently switched to Banana chips as a snack. And I was happy. They were tasty, sweet and nutritious. Low and behold the other day I turn the package over and find that my little 8 oz container holds a whopping 1200 calories. Sneaky packaging company. I mean, common a 1 oz serving? Please. I go through the 8 oz container and I'm still hungry.

So, obviously, today, at the grocery store I bought the bag of m & m's. At least they have calcium. Here's a toast to strong bones. ;)

{On a side note, today I finished my first sample album. Cheers! }


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