So I have decided. I will master photoshop. I have poured over so many blogs and photos of the best. They all know photoshop. That is half of what makes their work so good. That and vision. And I have plenty of vision. So much that i get overwhelmed driving down the freeway to work cause all i want to do is pull over and take a photoshoot..... So I have made a list. What I neeeeeeeeed and what i don't need as much. What I will learn and accomplish in the next six months. Ready, set, go!

1. I will master photoshop.
2. I will get the new photoshop and master that too.
3. I will get a wide angle lens
4. I will get a macro lens. (sweeeeet.)
5. I will get a 200 mm lens.
6. I will take pictures of everything. Practice makes perfect. Right linz? ohhh-yeah.
7. I will study, study, study. Workshops, other photographers. Tutorials.
8. I will get a website. and buisness cards. In pink.
9. I will buy the other fun stuff like TRA and textures that i want. No, I neeeeeeed. Not only that, but I will find a way to convince my wonderful husband that it is his idea.

♥ Ab

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