I am a romantic. Pure and simple.
I need to be allowed to dream.
I need to feel that escape is at my fingertips. We could move tomorrow if we dared.
That excitement lingers.
All notions are within reach. If you only try…
Nothing is impossible.
I need to really and truly believe that people can change.
I need to believe with my whole being that love is vital. Like breathing.
I am a romantic. And a dreamer.
I don’t always believe that we’ll really go to Paris this spring, or retire in Maine.
And when I say I want a sailboat for the summer I mean it with every fiber in my
But I don’t mean now. I mean someday.
Dreaming keeps me believing in something more then the traffic.
We will have a willow tree . Someday.
Believing keeps me content in the now and makes me hope for better.
We will travel the world side by side. Soon.
Hoping keeps me sane.
I will write a book.
We will have a cottage on the lake.
We will raise brilliant beautiful babies.
We will be in love until the day we die.

I’m a dreamer and a romantic. Don’t try to tame me.
Let me be.

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Brooke said...

that was beautiful I wish I was a better writer. mostly to scared to try :)


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