Giraffes do exist!

Rewind five years ago. Our buddy Erik was planning on moving to Mexico to work at a orphanage in a few months, but since the orphanage wasn't fully ready for kids Ryan {boyfriend then} Sarah {my bestest} Erik and me would make the 4 hours journey every week to work on getting things ready. We scrubbed and painted, the boys tiled and put up walls.. and then in the evenings we would steal away for roadside tacos or if we were feeling rich, twelve dollar lobsters. It was a great summer. The worst part of the trips ( or best part, now looking back) was that Erik's car had no radio. No, I don't mean no cd player, like literally the radio had been ripped out. And so, we four were forced to talk for hours on end. We would fight and argue, sing crazy annoying songs and laugh over jokes. All in all, we had a great time making noise to fill the silence.

One particular day we'd run out of things to talk about and Sarah decides to play the Alphabet game. What?! Short synopsis: "A for Antelope" next person "B for bear" "C-" you get the idea.... {And she wondered why we weren't eager to jump in. } So she's playing all by herself because the boys were in a mood and I was busy laughing at her. She was having a grand old time. And she gets to G.
"G for giraffe"
and I still don't know why but I thought it'd be funny "What did you say?"
"G for giraffe" she says, laughing.
"Sarah, giraffes aren't real" I say glancing up and meeting the boys eyes in the review mirror.
They caught on. "Are you serious? Oh my gosh Sarah!"
She's obviously flustered and I'm dying laughing, because honestly, she believed anything back then. "Oh so I suppose you thought unicorns were real too? " I press " Have you ever seen a giraffe?"
She's shaking her head, bright red and completely embarrassed.

This torture went on for at least twenty minutes. Maybe longer. We three had my Sarah convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, that giraffes were make believe. It took another good half hour to convince her we were kidding...

and the story is legendary. I use it whenever I need to prove how blond Sarah can be. Or just for a good laugh...

that's why when Sarah called me and told me about this shirt I almost had a heart attack. I mean, what are the odds that somewhere, someone else was convinced that giraffes were pretend?


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thats a hoot ps your hot


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