It looks like rain....

It looks like rain. It smells like rain. The clouds are starting to boil and it's crisp and wet outside. MMmm... a afternoon fall shower? That my friends, makes me extremely, utterly happy. Close, in fact, to a state of bliss. Fall is by far the best season around, but sometimes when I smell winters first snow or lilacs in the spring, when I'm laying by the pool in the california sun with friends or bundled up drinking hot cocoa and eating candy canes, I wonder if, possibly, there could be a better season then fall... but when its fall and its rainy... there is no contest in my mind. And, as if it couldn't get any better... I have the whole day off, and my hubby will be home soon. I'm contemplating cinnamon rolls and oodles of butter. And dark dark coffee. It is going to be a perfect day for so many reasons!

PS The picture above was stollen from my wonderful photography friend Shyla, who took it on her recent adventure to maine. (ummm... yeah little jealous... maine.. in the fall..) You can check out her stuff at Shylasblog.com . And for those of you who don't know.. she's amazzzzing.

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