The funeral.

My family flew me in for my wonderful grandpa's funeral. It was a sad day. I read something that I had written for him~ but I revised it to make it a goodbye as well. This is what I read~

My grandpa, Vernon Saunders was an amazing man and although his life was long, all of us grieve his death. It's not that it has come on suddenly, or that his time has come to soon. He was 95 in December and lived to see a whole world unfold around him. The roaring 20s and the invention cars. He saw the great depression and despite living through it remained a positive, loving man. He married his college sweetheart and bought a little farmhouse with her big enough to raise a family in. He lived through world war 1, world war 2 and the 50's. Fathered 4 boys and survived their teenage years. He witnessed the 60's and 70's unfold and his boys turn to adults. The end of the Vietnam war, the 80's, and beautiful grandchildren... the 90's and grandchildren growing up. A whole new millennium, two great grandbabies and 70 years of marriage. My grandpa Vern had a wonderful life. But somehow that doesn't make it any easier when we are left behind and lose a part of ourselves with his death. For me, my grandpa is surrounded by and symbolizes all the things I love.. all the memories of my childhood and innocence... summers past and lazy days on the lake. I am losing my grandpa and all my memories of childhood will be just that from now on ~ memories. My Grandma Gert loses her husband. The love of her life and her friend. My dad and his 3 brothers lose their dad. Their hero. And everyone else who knew and loved Vernon Saunders lose a piece of themselves as well. . Although we had 95 years with him, somehow that isn’t enough. But, today, we reluctantly say our goodbyes knowing that he is in to a much better place . Believing in the hope that someday we will see him again and this goodbye, while it is sad, is not forever. Farewell to our mentor, our friend. Goodbye to a beloved husband and father. Goodbye my dear sweet grandpa. You will be missed.

...... And although it may seem odd, I dealt by taking pictures. This is one I particularly love of my daddy. He was watching them close my grandpa's coffin. How do you say goodbye to someone you love so much?


I know in reality there is no "perfect" day for a funeral. But it seemed almost perfect to me. Gray. Dark. Solemn. Cold. My dad said he thought a sunny day would be better for a funeral. I told him no. A dark sky indicates sadness. That God is grieving with you. Sharing in your sorrow.



Goodbye Grandpa Vern. I love you.

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