Leopard Rosie...

This week. Ohhh this week. So memorable for so many reasons...

I flew to Colorado to hang with the fam and do a few photo shoots. However, no one warned me until I got here (too afraid I would back out probably) that in some places there was 7 feet of snow. That's right. No grammatical error. Feet. I always, always, ALWAYS love a good photo shoot. And of course, I am always down for an adventure. Adventure is what makes photographs memorable. Unique. Lovely. Except in 7 feet of snow. With little people hardly 4 feet tall. So, needless to say, today was fun. The snow had melted a tad, but really, even if it had melted 50% that still means lots and lots of white....

Along with the BLIZZARD on hand, I had two of the most unique kids I've ever photographed.. ( And I say this, in total love. goodness knows the craziest kids I've ever met are Saunder-berry's. Aka family. ) Garrett is the boy. 10 years old and already building working, moving, operable planes with items he find in the house. can we say rocket scientist? And the little girl? Well she was born Makenna haley brook six years ago. In second grade she decided she "needed a change" and decided to tell her whole class to call her Rosie. Rosie Michelle. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone in Durango now ( other then family) that calls her Makenna. She's a Rosie though and though. She also owns piles and piles of leopard print. Leopard rain boots, Leopard coat. Leopard shirts, pants, suits, dresses.. you name it. She owns it. And she owns it with class. She has fashion taste and clearly doesn't care what anyone thinks. The next Chanel perhaps? (ohhh wouldn't that be fab ~ I would discounts on her purse line! )

Little Rosie~ don't you just love the rain boots?

and Garrett~


trying so hard not to smile. so so cute.

tomorrow i will go home. no matter what i say the next six months i love la. i love 90 degree weather in February for no reason at all. I can't wait to see my pups. and cuddle with my hubby.

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Brooke said...

gotta love the snow huh! hahahaha Im going crazy with it all. the light on these are great! good job! i love that little girl ..the leopard print ..the name change. i bet shes a hoot!


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