Michelle #1

I had a blast shooting Michelle yesterday. Not only is she fun, but she's beautiful as well which makes her extremely easy to photograph! We started shooting in an ally in santa monica for more of a fashion feel before moving on to Malibu for the sunset.

(I am on my way out so I can only post a few of the million pictures we shot~ but I promised Michelle her mom would be able to see them tonight. So hi to Michelle's mom! And to everyone else~ more pictures are promised tomorrow!)

Side note: I'm thinking of adding Michelle to my website. So be sure to comment and tell me which are your fav!



She had the cutest vintage purse from the 50's.






Brooke said...

the forth one down and looking away/the last one are my favs....but I wanna see sunset! oh How I wish we had a beach :) love the funky shadow how fun!

AnnaQuiz said...

i like the 3rd one with her by the wall, the one of her purse and the ones of her sitting on the stairs and the very last one best!! you should totally putt them on ur website!!! Xoxoxox Miss Anna Q


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