I did a survey thing earlier that takes the images you pick out of a bunch of others and it trys to sum up who you are. So did it define me? no.. not really.. but it was fun.... the crazy thing is this~

your a real romantic and a bit of a dreamer. For you love is about devotion and tenderness. (mmm hmmm... ) A open road and a full tank of gas can take you pretty much anywhere... (check. and done so many times. ) when it comes to art you appreciate raw and edgy stuff - you like to be challenged. ( if its not challenging... is it any fun at all? ) As for music; its all about joining in. A bit of self expression. ( to find the perfect song to fit the mood~ ) Oh yeah.. and in case your wondering I came on this on myspace.. and only figured out later it was a dating service.... nothing to be worried about! Try it! Its fun!

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LA county, California, United States
I am married to an amazing man named Ryan. He is the love of my life and my best friend. As of January 2008 I officially started my own photography business, Beloise Photography. I picked the name because it is something that doesn't exist.... something that i wanted to sum up into a word but couldn't. It is the smell of fresh cut grass and hide and seek in the dark. It is a new pair of fabulous shoes. It is fall and all its glory... starry summer nights. Apple cider and fresh picked flowers. Beloise is all that you taste, touch, see and love dearly. The smells that trigger childhood memory's. All your favorite things in one word. A song that speaks to your soul. Sublime happiness. A field of daisy's. Firefly's. Mistletoe. City lights. The smell of homemade cookies. The first snow.... Beloise is about cherishing life. Savoring the moments. Breathing deeply.... and just living...