Christmas lists and tinsle.

I am so tired. Literally, I can barley keep my eyes open. I'm working doubles and studying new food items for Fred's. (Ew to six points of service and ew to pivot points.) Anyways, as I was saying... I'm deathly tired and overworked... But here I sit drinking cup after cup of coffee to energize me and get me studying my notes.. and yet, here I am, avoiding just that by writing instead. Ohhh well.....the reason I'm writing is because, quite simply, I love the holidays. Love, love LOVE everyone of them... (even presidents day because if your in school you get school off and normally there is a sale going on somewhere..) Christmas is the breathtaking holiday. It's the holiday that is the most like magic and fairy's and miracle's. I love the lights that pop up on houses you never would of noticed before and the songs on the radio. I love the smell of Christmas trees and cinnamon and sooo many incredible choices of cookies! And chocolate covered cherry's and mistletoe ... *side note: put on shopping list* I love the first snow. I love the sound of the winter wind howling from outside. The coats and scarves and boots. I love all the colors of Christmas.. and the decorations everywhere you turn... and wreaths! Secrets. Laughter. Hopes. Excitement. Family. Hot cocoa and fireplaces and blankets and movies. Singing Gloooooo-rrrrrr---iiiia. I love ornaments and decked out Christmas trees. And stockings... and presents! Mmm. I love Christmas and all the days surrounding it.

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