My (fantasy) Christmas wish list...

Ever made a wish list.. like a real true wish list... all the outlandish things that you know you won't get but really and truly think would make the best presents ever? Well, I made one of those lists last night while I was bored at work. And just remember, if any of my friends out there is independently wealthy and would like to make all my dreams come true... you may buy me a fantasy present! After all, to say no to a present is just rude.

Fantasy Wish List :

1) A pony. Or more precisely, the smallest horse in the world. Her name is thumballina. And I realllllllly want one like her. Or her. The thing is thumballina tours the world making sick kids happy and if i owned her i would keep her to myself and carry her around in my pocket ... so there would be lots of sad sick kids. But I would get noticed.I mean, common, who's going to say no to someone holding a horse? I mean, i could be, like, superwomen. Powerful. A force to be reckoned with.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

2) In conjunction with the last wish list I would like to own a city. Town. Country. Paris would do. Pretty much I just want to be ruler of something and have people fear me. And make naps mandatory. For the grown ups. Then we might actually get world peace.... hmmm...

3) Jewelry. Of any kind. Diamonds are a girls best friend. But what they don't tell you is girls have more them one best friend... as in, sapphire, emerald, pearl.. pretty much if it sparkles and was lots of money, we're bound to be friends. But then again, if I owned my own country I could just re instate a bandit of pirates to capture all the jewels in the land....

4) A Chanel bag. As in the black one with the chain straps... it doubles as a weapon in times of need and is oh so fashionable in the process.

5) A zonkey. Same basic idea as number 1... I would name him martin. And we would be bestest friends...

Whats on your Christmas (fantasy) list?

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EmmaLee Joy aka abz sista said...

Thats awesome she is adorable!
But here is my fantasy list:
1.To go to Kenya Africa and take all the orphans to Disney World!! It would be priceless to see there faces!

2.Maybe go to france? and see the eiffel tower!!

3. Have a big ranch with lots of horses!

4.Have a camera like yours!

5.Have summer camp everyday =)

Miss ya lots sista!


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