Brandon & Jessie I May 17, 2008

They wed on the lawn overlooking the lake at five in the evening. Brandon stood flanked by his groomsmen, nervously awaiting his bride. On the balconies of the resort, overlooking the ceremony lawn people watched for her entry. The music started and Jessie apeared, glorious to behold. She was beaming from head to toe, excited to marry her love. So excited in fact that when the minister started with "Jessie do you take-" she interjected an emphatic "I do!" before he had even finished. The friends and family attending laughed along with the couple at her eagerness and Brandon beamed at his bride, delighted to be wanted so much.

The flowers were beautiful. The Bride and Groom were all smiles. The lake glistened. The bridal party was full of disko divas who stayed on the dance floor all night long. And the favors were boxes of gourmet chocolate. Does it get any better then this?

Brandon and Jessie, thank you for allowing me to be apart of your celebration. And thank you for letting me steal more then one box of chocolate for the ride home! ;) Have a blast in costa rica! ~A










Ashley said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! It's always nice to know there are others out there like me who are somewhat new to this photography world. Your photos are just as breathtaking as your description of the word "Beloise." Good luck with business!

Anna Hedges said...

So, how sweet are you to post such cute comments on my blog!!?? THANKS! :) I truly appreciate it! You've got some great pictures here! Keep it going! I know what you mean too... this whole photography thing just kinda fell in my lap a little less than a year ago when a friend asked me to do her wedding... so it's been a learning process... but I have a blast and that's what matters, aye?

Seriously, thanks for stopping by and come back anytime! ;)

Ricki Ford said...

Amazing job here I love them all.

Stacy Cross said...

Your pictures are gorgeous - they totally have a fashion-y feel to them - like they should be in a bridal magazine. Keep up the great work!!

Katie Thurmes said...

These are great! I love your light in that last one!

Brooke said...

i swear I left a comment...ok then redo! I love love the last set! great light

Kellee Smith said...

What a beautiful couple, and a beautiful shoot, and a beautiful wedding. Great work!


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