Maternity I Lindsay Jo

Lindsay and I met freshman year of college. She was the good girl. I was the loud one. She liked to study. I liked to go get coffee and pretend to study. Somehow, polar opposites that we were, we became friends. I think it had alot to do with the fact that back then I liked to shock people and Lindsay was easy to shock. ;)

A few months ago she came into town and we met for lunch. Over In and out we talked about life as we'd known it, growing older, being married. Kids. Lindsay and her husband Jake have been wanting a baby for awhile now. What we didn't know a few months ago was that that Lindsay was actually already pregnant. Last week she came back into town.. and I took some pictures for the excited, blushing mom to be.

Congratulations guys! I am so incredibly happy for you two! Lots of love,




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