So I'm going to brag now... My buddy shyla is in town from Boston and I get to tag along with her all weekend long , because miraculously I have today and tomorrow off .

I'm super excited to be able to just sit and watch her with clients. Although I've worked with her before it's been over a year and back then I was more concerned on getting my manual settings right during the wedding then actually sitting back and just learning from her. So, I'm stoked to be able to watch someone hot rock not just one, but 3 sessions .

Yesterday we had the most gorgeous couple for engagement pictures. And oh the pictures and the Shyla light! Amazing. you have to check out her blog in the next few weeks for images from the shoot. HOT. I'll post some pictures in the next week or so once she has hers up.. but for now.. I leave you with these pictures of us..

and keep in mind that it was 1 in the morning at a grand celebration/reception party that started wayyyyy earlier... after 2 apple martini's {which is 2 too many } ;)




Shyla said...

Hey, why do I have TWO drinks in my hand? I dont even like alcohol! Must've been holding it for Ryan or Erik ;)

I am so lucky to have your hotness along this weekend... Im just thanksful no-one has pictures of me grabbing you to demonstrate what I want my couples to do to eachother.... LOL


Keri & Corey said...

Thanks for commenting back. I actually do photography as well...JSO and did my first wedding pics. I feel like I was so worried about getting my manual setting just right to really be as creative as I wanted, so any way chack them out and tell me what you think. (it's funny you mentioned the settings things in this post. it is so how I felt at this wedding) littlekiwis.blogspot.com

Brooke said...

so fun! that you have a cool photo buddy to go out with! 2 am or not and to many drinks or not....your still a hottie :)

Brooke said...

so fun! that you have a cool photo buddy to go out with! 2 am or not and to many drinks or not....your still a hottie :)


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