My kind of healthy:

I bought the m & m's for the good of my health. Seriously, I did.

In previous weeks I've tried to develop a healthy alternatives to candy while editing pictures since I've been known to eat through an entire (BIG) box of hot tamels in a nano second. {and goodness knows hot tamels do nothing to help my waist line} I tried fruit but it proved to be too messy. Carrots worked well for about a day and then I was tired of them. I recently switched to Banana chips as a snack. And I was happy. They were tasty, sweet and nutritious. Low and behold the other day I turn the package over and find that my little 8 oz container holds a whopping 1200 calories. Sneaky packaging company. I mean, common a 1 oz serving? Please. I go through the 8 oz container and I'm still hungry.

So, obviously, today, at the grocery store I bought the bag of m & m's. At least they have calcium. Here's a toast to strong bones. ;)

{On a side note, today I finished my first sample album. Cheers! }


Brooke said...

hahaha yeah I say all the effort tring to find stuff to replace the good stuff is lame...just go running or something and enjoy your food. although I have my little shoot for the about me section this week and Im scared!!!! haha
are you gonna post your album? I havent done one yet..again scared!

Anna Hedges said...

Can't wait to see the album design!

Ohhh, and THANK YOU for the info about photobucket. I have had an accoun forever, but never used it?! So, it works wonders now... THANKS! :)

Ryan Christensen said...

I'm with you... I really enjoy the calcium in a bag of m&m's. Can't wait to see more of your images!


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