Too hot to think

So. incredibly.  hot.  

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago I was saying that I wanted it to be hot enough for shorts? Well, now its hot enough to fry a egg outside. {hmm.. I should test this theory}  And I wish it were cooler. Fall perhaps. Maybe even snowing a bit.   

 I finally convinced Ry to let me turn the air on yesterday. If anytime to turn on the air 103 is a good time. So now its hotter outside then inside by about ten degrees. Our little wall unit is trying his hardest and I really and truly appreciate all his hard work, but seriously, I would do almost anything for a good dip in a pool or some central air about now. Good thing: our freezer is full of ice cream. Bad thing: its rapidly disappearing. {And I'm the only one home. }  

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Anonymous said...

Well tomrrow you will be here and the warmest it is getting is like 80 so you'll have a break from your hot wheather, Anywho can't wait to see you and Ry!!!
Miss ya,


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